Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Advertising Manager Jobs Let You Express Your Creative Side

Advertising manager jobs are available from various employers. Companies that sell products or services need an advertising manager to handle their marketing department. A manager's job is to get the marketing department on track and ensure that all marketing efforts are effective. This job is a nice mixture of administrative duties and creative work.

Job Duties:

Account executive jobs involve working with marketing directors and other members of a marketing team. The advertising manager will help to identify what is right and what is wrong about a marketing campaign. The manager will help the team to identify goals and to make sure that marketing is within budget. Other job duties include creating ads, buying marketing space, conducting market research, tracking campaign results and oversee the creation of marketing campaigns. Advertising manager jobs are usually available through large companies that have their own marketing department.

Jobs are usually found by applying directly to a company's marketing department. Jobs can be found in newspapers, online and in trade journals. This job can be high pressure and require working with strict deadlines. Managers usually work long hours and have to be able to work with a variety of different people to get their goals accomplished and get the job done. Most accounts managers work for large companies, but there are also positions available through advertising companies.


Account executive jobs require a minimum of a bachelor's degree, but managers can get a better position if they have a master's degree. Some companies may not hire someone who does not have a master's degree. However, experience is usually more important in this field than formal education. Advertising executives usually will move into the executive position after years of working in a company's marketing department. Most managers start out working as part of the department for a company and through promotions end up in a manager role.

Job Possibilities:

The outlook for account executive jobs is quite good, but this is a highly competitive field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts above average job growth for the ten year period between 2004 and 2014. This field largely depends on the economy and the trends in business. If business growth stalls or companies start to have financial issues, then the need for managers may decrease. Advertising jobs salary can vary widely depending on experience and where you choose to work. The average salary ranges from a little over $60,000 to $107,000. Along with top salaries, advertising executives usually also get nice benefits, including paid holidays, vacation time and health care.

If you are interested in becoming an advertising manager then you should start trying to get work in the advertising field while you are still pursuing your advertising degree. This career is very professional. It is important that you have professional etiquette skills and that you have the skills necessary to interact with top executives in a company. To make yourself competitive and better allow you to get a manager position, you should try to work your way up in a company and gain experience that will back up your skills.

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